The 2019 much talked about Nigeria general election is around the corner, all political parties are doing what it takes to win the heart of the electorates, either to grab the seat of power as first comer or to retain the seat like a Royal throne.

Do you know that one particular person has been repeating house of rep class for the past 15 years in Lagos? He is named the minority leader of the class because he understands the teachers and principal, knows all the corners to the inner chambers because he’s a regular class repeater but he’s loyal to the powerful forces and that’s why he’s Progressive though at one spot.

In the heat of the campaign going on, we have witnessed many comments mainly concocted as a political vendetta against the oppositions while others engaged in a campaign of calumny.

It’s not something strange in Nigeria political landscape, even a day old baby would know how politics work in Nigeria. It can be do or die!

The recent killing during a political campaign last week in Lagos is just a tip of what we face.

Since the declaration of campaign opened by INEC to all political parties late last year, the candidates are not taking it lightly as everyone is doing all they can to hold the mantle of power.

The incumbent, President Muhammadu Buhari who is also running for the second term is not spared in the mess. Jubril or Buhari, I’m still confused.

He has faced many criticism and backlash by the oppositions. The recent is the appointment of Mrs. Amina Zakari, as chairperson of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC Advisory Committee and Election Collation Centre Committee saying she’s a relative to President Buhari. I was just wondering how a Jubril from Sudan is related to Amina from Nigeria. 🇳🇬 But what do I know?

That’s just by the way!

Recently, an audio clip was released by Reno Omokiri, a special adviser to former president Goodluck Jonathan and a self-acclaimed Tormentor of Muhammadu Buhari (as written on his Twitter page)

The audio has Dr. Rotimi Ameach, DG Buhari Reelection campaign organisation saying many things about the President.

In the clip, it could be heard where he said the President doesn’t read, he doesn’t care about the people and more. “The President does not listen to anybody. Does he even read?”

Though the APC people came and said the purported audio content was doctored and never revealed what Amaechi said but I can bet that no Forensic experts in the world can deny the audio attributed to Amaechi.
Is the audio the voice of Ameach? Yes, it is (to me)

However, there is something significant I want to point out in the audio and those who have listened to the full clip can surely reason with me.

I will deviate from the media noise accusing Amaechi, and for now, if you call me a devil’s advocate here, you may be right.

In the full audio clip released, he could be heard saying “these are things you should not publish, if you publish it, you’ll never sit with me again”

This is utmost show of confidence, trust and reliance.

To observers who listened to the clip, you can attest that the discussion was revealed in a relaxed mood. It was like informer discussion after an interview or serious assignment.

Amaechi used the moment to have an informal interaction with the people seeing them as friends and not as professionals doing their job. It was basically a friendly discussion.

Why was the audio recorded when it was just a sitting room discussion? Why was it released by someone in the opposition party and never through the person that recorded it if he wants to use it as exclusive news?

This to me is a betrayal of the highest order. The person should apologise to Judas.

I believed even after the talk, envelopes exchanged hands. (If you know, you know)

During the weekend, someone among those who were at the meeting came out and said the audio was doctored and never revealed the intention of Amaechi. What the hell was that? Medicine after death.

Just last week, I was having interaction with my boss and he said:”never do any job for anyone at the detriment of your credibility”. This is what I will always remember and take along with me.

People can use you as frontman just to explore their sinister plots and agenda but once the deed is done, they will forget you. Why? They too can’t trust you again because you’ve dented, diminished and marred your credibility and image. Meanwhile, those you offended wrongly on the other side will never want to forgive you too. So you lose on both sides.

As a human, it would be difficult for him to trust everyone who was with him during the discussion again, hearing their names anywhere would even sound offensive to him.

The issue of trust and loyalty have been a serious phenomenon humans battle with and it’s a context between the inner mind and external forces. When the pressure from outside overrides the inner mind, you sell your credibility and loyalty at a cheaper price which will always come back to hurt you. Karma is real

The only person to trust with 100% assurance is yourself. But what of some people who can’t even trust themselves because they bend anywhere the wind blows?
I’m confused as you are now.

I think we still have a battle of self-discipline to fight. Nevertheless, let principles guide your loyalty in all you do.

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